Mums & Maids

Mum for me, is the second most important lady on the day. She’s probably been thinking about her outfit for as long as you’ve been planning your dress so let’s make sure she feels special too.

Groom’s Mum too, I do love Mum’s so let’s style her up and get that hat fixed so it’s not crooked!

Your bridesmaids are usually the gang who know you best, best friends you’ve grown up with or even family. Let’s make it fun, I have shared some wonderful moments over the many Years of styling weddings.

Let’s keep the girls (and boys) comfortable with their make-up, we can work on the colour scheme but it’s important they feel and look like themselves. I’m happy to meet them halfway on this.

Often, some or at least one of the bridesmaids live abroad so if they can’t make a trial, we can skype or email and swap ideas on the lead up to the day.

As you browse through the photos on here and those linked to my Facebook and Instagram, if there’s a group shot, then I’ve probably styled them all!